iTaze: The BEST Taser / Tazer / Stun Gun App! App

iTaze: The BEST Taser / Tazer / Stun Gun App! App
  • Category: Amusement Apps
  • Datum: 2009-2-13
  • Versie: 1.0
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"One of the funniest and most disturbing things in the App Store today! Download it now!" – Ryan Donaldson; iTaze User

“Hands down the BEST stun gun application in the App Store.” – Scott Peterson; iTaze User

**iPhone 4, 4S and iPhone 5 users, enjoy the awesomeness that is our LED strobe function!**

**Now optimized for iPhone 5!**

**Watch the iTaze commercial on YouTube! Visit for a direct link!**

Are you sick and tired of being bullied around? Finally, sleep soundly at night with iTaze – the world’s FIRST safety device for your mobile device! No more living in fear, now with a virtual stun gun on you at all times, feel safe walking down those dark and creepy alleys! Simply launch iTaze and be prepared to zap those punks in the face with a variety of stun guns!

iTaze comes complete with 8 ENTIRELY different devices to choose from – relax with the standard issue iTaze stun gun, choose our pink stun gun designed just for girls, hide in the woods with the camo stun gun, the child friendly stun gun with rainbows and bunnies, the full screen stun gun that transforms your iPhone or iPod Touch into a stun gun itself, or touch up your farming skills with the high powered cattle prod! Moo!

Furthermore, we've included a free download pack of 3 MORE devices – FOR FREE! That's right, you can get electrical with the electrical fence, get hot with the super sexy device or scare your brother with the spooky stun gun!

As if that's not enough, iTaze includes a virtual can of pepper spray as an added BONUS! That's right! If you're sick of tazing, spice it up and mace someone instead!

iTaze is also part of the wonderful Game Center network, which enables you to connect with friends, collect and share achievements, and check on high scores from all over the world!

Why pay for other stun gun apps when iTaze gives you more bang for your buck? Blending a good sense of humor with excellent graphics and sound effects – iTaze is the smartest choice for all your stunning needs. More devices, more laughs, no ads, no bull – guaranteed.

WARNING: This application is NOT a real safety device, don't embarrass yourself. Taze responsibly. Stun everyone.

Categorie: Amusement Apps

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