Spy Prank for WhatsApp App

Spy Prank for WhatsApp App
  • Category: Amusement Apps
  • Datum: 2014-7-20
  • Versie: 1.0
  • Grootte: onbekend
  • Ontwikkelaar: onbekend
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**DISCLAIMER** – App is intended for entertainment purposes only
Ever wondered to prank your friends/GirlFriend/Boyfriend at the ultimate level?. Then here it is !. Spy for whatsApp ask the users to enter the victim's number to spy on their whatsapp chats, on the other hand it gets the user's number too. And ultimately Spy for WhatsApp sends the victim a message telling them the user is trying to spy on their whatsapp chat while it shows some prank progress and loading features at the user end! So Start Pranking,your friends will be PRANKED and PANICKED šŸ˜‰ šŸ˜€

Categorie: Amusement Apps

Gebruiker Beoordeling: 4/5 van 797 stemmen.

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