hayu: Watch Reality TV Shows

hayu: Watch Reality TV Shows

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Are you ready for unbeatable entertainment? hayu is THE home of reality TV – Sign up today and start your free trial! Stream hundreds of your favourite reality TV shows and watch thousands of episodes; on demand and on any device. Watch shows on the same day as they come out in the US! You can even download TV shows to watch later – all within the hayu app. There is no contract, so you can cancel anytime. And what’s more, it’s all ad free! THE PERKS: • Tonnes of episodes of your favourite reality TV shows added daily. • Stream thousands of episodes or download to watch anytime, anywhere! • Full seasons of popular reality shows like Keeping Up With The Kardashians and The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. • Addictive celebrity TV shows, true crime boxsets & real estate TV series. KEEP UP WITH YOUR FAVOURITES If you love the Kardashians, you’re in for a treat. Get every episode of every season on the app, plus all the spin-offs such as Life of Kylie and Revenge Body with Khloe Kardashian. Bible! Or if The Real Housewives is more your thing, check out all the classics as well as all new episodes from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, New York City, Orange County and every other city in the American franchise. DISCOVER THE DARK SIDE Find your new favourite fix and explore some of the world's most shocking True Crime cases with an ever-growing collection of docu-series, including the very addictive Snapped or dive into the life and crimes of infamously notorious serial killers like Jeffrey Dahmer, Ed Kemper and the Golden State Killer. HAVE A DUVET DAY Browse through our categories to find new shows to binge-watch, from the best home improvement and real estate TV series like Million Dollar Listing New York, to all the workplace drama from TV shows like VanderpumpRules. There’s something for everyone - download hayu today! FREE TRIAL INFO Get a free trial on the hayu TV player app. Get up to one month free on demand TV before you’ll be charged your subscription via your iTunes account. Payments will automatically renew unless you cancel your subscription at least 24 hours before the end of the current subscription period. You can manage your subscription, cancel anytime, or turn off auto-renew by accessing your iTunes account. Subscriptions: https://support.hayu.com/hayuArticle?id=kA0240000005k96CAA Available in the U.K, Ireland, Australia, Canada, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Singapore, Hong Kong & The Philippines. Other restrictions may apply, please see T&Cs at https://www.hayu.com/utilities/terms By downloading & installing the hayu TV app, you agree to our Privacy Policy – http://www.nbcuniversal.com/privacy We love hearing feedback so let us know what you think at [email protected] Download the app to start watching now!




    Door redgatorade
    The absolute WORST user experience EVER. The app itself SUCKS. So frustrating. But the content is really good. I really hope that a competitor comes in soon with the same content but a better app. This one blows.
  • I would give it 0 stars if I could

    Door Cutiepie (: <3
    Honest review. Subtitles have typos in them 9/10 times as well as too late or too early. Episodes have playback issues where the sound gets ahead of the video and vice versa. It honestly appears as a beta app and it is so sad. Doesn’t even support picture in picture (PIP).
  • Crashes every other week

    Door M2PL8888
    This app has so many bugs, it's insane. Constantly have to sign in over and over again, and subtitles are delayed
  • Slow and subtitel issues

    Door Hayufan
    Fun shows. But.. The app is slow and when you're Streaming to your tv the subtitels don’t work. Many disturbances while watching, then it freezes. it takes a long time before it closes and you have to find the time where you left off for yourself. That is very annoying when the app is so slow and has a lot of malfunctions while you watch an episode. otherwise it is a very nice app with very nice shows that deserve to be improved for use and to be more extensive.
  • The app is crashing

    Door Roxiemadal
    The app is crashing
  • Feature Requests

    Door Ronzie
    - Stop auto-play jumping into a different (recommended?) show, when finishing a chosen show’s last episode. - Allow me to manually/easily remove shows from ‘continue watching’ When I finish the last episode of a season/show I have chosen to watch, Hayu automatically starts an episode of a different show (recommended?). This means I have a show I don’t want to watch in my ‘Continue Watching’. The only way to remove it? Find the last episode of that show, and scrub to the end of it, and hope I’m quick enough in exiting it before another new show starts... Let me manage my own viewing and my own Continue Watching, please! AppleTV BUG - When I exit an episode (1) during the first few seconds, the Continue Playing jumps to the next episode (2) (meaning it skips the episode (1) I exited out of).
  • Worst app ever

    The app close it self, everytime when you touch your screen, you have to wait 5 sec till de app does what you want. It’s slow. It’s terrible. It seems like a computer from 1999. It takes forever to load.
  • Hayu

    Door hude jufdchrd
    This is the most annoying app I have ever used, it doesn’t work properly everything takes long to load, the app won’t open, the videos just don’t play sometimes. It just doesn’t work like it should. Very annoying...
  • App glitches

    Door Suggermama1000000""
    Just subscribed to hayu, unfortunately nothing positive to stay about the app. The app glitches often, everytime when watching a serie the audio and video are not aligned. Sometimes I get kicked out of the app when loading a serie. Fix your app hayu! We pay 6 euros a month to stream. Looking at the reviews these problems have been around for years? We isn’t there any improvement? Still the same issues and nothing has changed apparently. What are you doing with the feedback then? I mean come on. There are free streaming platforms that work better than this app.
  • Airplay

    Door Mvr.T
    If you use airplay to stream to your Samsung tv you can’t switch your phone to another app. The connection between Hayu and the tv get lost. Other than that, great!