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  • Categorie: Travel
  • Datum: 2019-01-30
  • Huidige Versie: 3.0.2
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • Grootte: 142.41 MB
  • Ontwikkelaar: AvioVision
  • Compatibiliteit: Vereist iOS 13.0 of later.
Score: 4.3913
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Apple iTunes The new calendar app for pilots, flight attendants and ground staff. CrewLounge CONNECT retrieves your flight schedule directly from the airline crew web portal. The app connects to more than 100 different crew management systems, such as AIMS, Sabre, CrewLink NetLine, FliCa, AirCrews, iFlight NEO, ... Connect to more than 500 different airlines straight from your phone! View your schedule offline and track roster changes. Share your schedule with colleagues in the same or another company. Let your friends and family track your flights. Works seamlessly on iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch. CrewLounge CONNECT comes with these great features: - Export your flight schedule to any calendar (iOS, Google, Outlook, ...) - Share your roster with colleagues (using the same app) - Family and friends can view your schedule and track your flights (free web app) - Chat 1-on-1 and 1-on-Crew (no need to create a group via social media) - Carpool with colleagues (find nearby crew on your flight) - Meet people in outstation (to eat, exercise, dance or date) - Find the crew on another flight - Airline crew favorite restaurants and activities in outstation And many other tools, such as: - passenger headcount - in-flight rest time calculation - hotel pick-up time calculation - currency exchange rate calculator - hotel room list sharing - track your car position on the airport parking - destination briefing (weather, notes, time zone) Keep track of your duties: - detailed history (how many weekend days did I get last year) - export flights and simulator to your pilot logbook (CrewLounge, LogTen Pro) Try this app without registration or payment! Download your roster from your airline in the free DEMO mode. Important Notes: 1) This app does not support airlines other than those listed in the app. If your airline is not listed, please contact us and we'll be happy to add your company, if possible. This app runs in English only. 2) Changes to your company websites may cause this app to break down or become incompatible. While we make every effort to update the app when an airline changes its web portal, we cannot guarantee a successful connection. 3) While every effort is made to avoid bugs, we cannot be held responsible for any errors with the app and the results caused by these errors, such as late sign-up or no-show for any duty! You must always consult your official company schedule! 4) This app can be downloaded for free. After registration you can use the app for free for a limited number of roster imports. Unlock all features with in-app purchase. A single payment can be used across multiple devices and different OS platforms.



  • Super!

    Door Jan15367
    I’m very satisfied with this app. Loads of settings and options to play with.
  • Useless

    Door Snikkie01
    To often I have to change passwords or settings and when I ask for support, the support is minimal and insufficient. Result is a roster app that doesn’t show a roster.
  • Customer support is super.

    Door RJB321
    In the few cases that the help of customer support was needed, assistance was always friendly, helpful and effective. To show they really care for their pilot customers, the automatic and free (3 month-) extension of licenses that expire in the difficult period of the corona crisis, is a well appreciated gesture. Super!
  • Customer Support

    Door Oseras
    Had some issues getting the pilot pictures from MCC pilot log into CrewLounge Pilot log.. but with the patience and support of the Helpdesk, I managed to do so! I like the thought that I am emailing with fellow pilot..
  • Works good

    Door Marc ✈️
    Very happy with the app so far. In the beginning it took some getting used to but I must say the developers did a pretty good job! I would recommend this app for sure.
  • New app sucks

    Door Sk581
    I liked the ‘old’ app CrewCONNECT. But this one is difficult to work with. Also I need to login very often, which is impossible inflight. Very inconvenient. Please keep the old app supported.
  • Expensive

    Door gebruikersnaam100
    I really like to use crewconnect, but now it is time to extend my license and it became at least 0,99€ per month! This means 12€ each year while the crewconnect last year was around 8€... price is rising real quick! It must stay fun to use this beside your regular rooster. #sad #itsallaboutmoneynowadays
  • Very busy lay-out. Many functions but the basics should be right!

    Door FuBaR737
    App has gotten more expensive fast and many functions were added. But the most important thing is the main function which is proper roster downloading and syncing, and that has room for improvement. I.e. When I sync with my calendar it also creates blank new activities which I cant remove. They make a mess of my calendar and this should be fixed asap!
  • Old one was better

    Door Zoef(zoef)
    I use this app since it came out. Of course there were some troubles in the beginning but this is normal. After a couple of months there is not much changed in my opinion. Double synchronisation in the exported agenda (all duties twice) after a roster change. The quick and handy overview of the previous app is gone. If you load your roster into this app it automatically loads it into your CL PILOTSLOG. Very annoying because it makes a complete mess of your registrations. I am really lucky to have my old MCCpilotlogbook registration otherwise I could have started my registration all over again. Meanwhile I stopped using this app because it lost it’s complete convenience. I start using this app because I was searching for a good alternative for rosterburster since I thought they were a little expansive. The 6 euro’s I paid initially for the previous app was perfect, since it did the job but the new app is just 1 euro cheaper than RB, works less good, so I am switching back to RB.
  • Handy app to quickly get my roster loaded into my calendar

    Door RKraak
    Quickly downloading the roster from my airline portal and export it into my calendar works flawlessly and is pretty much the only feature I use. Not interested in the social features.