Epic Seven

Epic Seven

Door Smilegate Megaport

  • Categorie: Games
  • Datum: 2018-11-03
  • Huidige Versie: 1.0.292
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Grootte: 305.59 MB
  • Ontwikkelaar: Smilegate Megaport
  • Compatibiliteit: Vereist iOS 9.0 of later.
Score: 4.35581
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Play alongside 3 million Heirs! An animated RPG world in the palm of your hand And thus began the 7th World... Diche, the Goddess of Life, summoned all of her waning power and once again gave shape to the Guardians and the Heir of the Covenant. "My children, I entrust this world to you." ● Over 1,000 Stories An epic for the modern age. We invite you into the 7th World. ● Fully Playable 2D Animation Dazzling skill animations in battle! Cutscene-quality 2D animated graphics! ● Strategy Shaped by Story Dual Attack system affected by relationships between characters. Immerse yourself in all the stories and perfect your own strategy! ● Raid Labyrinth In the depths of the Labyrinth, an ancient queen awakens from her slumber. Embark on a monster hunt with incredible rewards. ● PvP Arena Who will achieve fame and victory in the Arena? Showcase your unique strategy to the world every season! ● For Guild and Glory! Full of intense 3v3 battles, Guild Wars are here! Work with your Guild members to become the strongest Guild! ● World Boss mode is here! The World Boss has awakened! Fight with up to 16 Heroes in a battle of epic proportions! ● World Arena now available! Battle against players from all around the world in real time. Challenge your fellow Heirs and prove your strength! Try it out now! Flexible multilingual support: change display and voice language any time! Display: English, Traditional Chinese, Korean, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese Voice: English, Korean *Application Permissions No additional permissions are required.



  • Awesome game

    Door Aikz
    I’ve been playing for about a year, almost F2P (few monthly 5,- packs, but wasn’t necessary) and currently in 19th ranked guild. I’ve been lucky with some pulls but there’s plenty rewards and events to get you plenty rewards. Then there’s a ton of 3* underestimated heroes of which some can destroy limited whale pulls with the right setup. Great game and still fun. Also - waifus
  • Jeneverbes

    Door Filthyjoke
  • Best game ever

    Door SeleenMara
    Love it
  • Epic 7

    Door Primkage
    Best mobile game I ever played!
  • My experience

    Door Cipro23
    I have been an epic seven player for about sixty percent of the time that it’s been out. I have seen many banners come and go, and I can say that this is an amazing game, with some really nice nostalgia. I would highly recommend downloading this and putting at least fifty bucks into summoning for a hero that you want, and then building that hero to the best of your ability. This is a beautiful game with some awesome animations and lovable characters. If I ever stop playing E7 I will truly miss it.
  • Amazing

    Door nielsvrooij
  • Perfect game after last update!!

    Door Mikkero
    They finally listen to us the players! Everything is fun and perfect now! They removed pet snacks and it’s awesome to play now! 10/10 recommended that you play it now!
  • Best gatcha

    Door PaschalisTs
    Really the best gatcha game out there. No loading times. Perfect animations. Many frequent updates. Huge collection of heroes. Real time pvp around the corner! Highly recommended game!
  • Play something else

    Door aryyaaa
    The game is gorgeous and the mechanics really fun. I’ve played this game for over half a year and it was fun till 2/3 months ago. But with the limit on energy, gold and soooooo much other currencies you can’t really play the game. You need gear for your heroes which you can farm in dungeons but with a limited amount of energy you only get a couple of runs and even then there is only a chance of getting gear let alone gear you can use. When you finally have gear ( not even good gear just useable gear) you need to upgrade that gear. There’s this whole rng based supstats on which im not going into but you need other gear or these gear exp runes. Which you can farm in quest but you just used your energy to farm form that gear so you cant get them. When you finally get enough bad gear of gear exp runes you need alot!!!! Of gold. But you need gold for everything! Like millions of it. And you just upgraded a hero of bought anything else which all cost gold so you need to farm for gold but you don’t have any energy left. So again you’re stuck. Everything cost gold and energy and because there is such a small amount of both you can’t really play the game. I’ve played other gatcha’s and I know how it works. But I’ve never played a gatcha which has so many different kind of currencies and so little rewards and energy
  • Devs dont care

    Door Andy chen 9999
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