Microsoft Whiteboard

Microsoft Whiteboard

Door Microsoft Corporation

  • Categorie: Productivity
  • Datum: 2018-09-25
  • Huidige Versie: 21.11212.0.9036
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Grootte: 37.33 MB
  • Ontwikkelaar: Microsoft Corporation
  • Compatibiliteit: Vereist iOS 13.0 of later.
Score: 3.72826
Van 184 Stemmen


Update : The App performance has been significantly improved & there are also a ton of other features which have been added. Check out the “What’s new” section for more details!! Microsoft Whiteboard provides a freeform intelligent canvas where individuals & teams alike can ideate, create, and collaborate visually via the cloud. Designed for touch, type & pen, it lets you write or draw as smoothly as you would with ink, you can even type in text, add sticky notes or notes grid to express your ideas & use reactions to visually communicate your thoughts. It enhances teamwork by allowing all team members to edit the canvas in real time, no matter where they are. Get started quickly by inserting a pre-built template or draw your own flowchart using our expansive shapes library. No matter what your use case, we have the right set of tools for you and all your work stays safe in the cloud, ready to be picked back up from another location or device. -- Create freely, work naturally – Microsoft Whiteboard provides an infinite canvas where imagination has room to grow: draw, type, add a sticky note or a notes grid, move them around – it’s all possible. The touch-first, pen-first interface frees your ideas from the keyboard, and the intelligent inking technology transforms your doodles into great-looking shapes and lines that can be copied, pasted and combined with other objects. Moreover, you can also, ink on your sticky notes & text boxes and magically see the ink get converted to text using Apple Scribble functionality (on iPads with Apple Pencil). --Collaborate in real time, wherever you are— Microsoft Whiteboard brings every member of a team together working from their own devices across the globe. On the Whiteboard canvas, you can also see what your teammates are doing in real time and start collaborating on the same area. It’s about getting everyone on the same page – or board. --Save automatically, resume seamlessly – Forget having to take photos of your whiteboards, or marking them with “Do Not Erase.” With Microsoft Whiteboard, your brainstorming sessions are saved automatically to the Microsoft cloud, so you can pick up where you left off, whenever – and wherever – inspiration strikes next. What’s new: • Improved App Performance & Reduction in crashes which has been a strong customer ask. • Modern look and feel: 1. Streamlined user experience - an unobtrusive app UI maximizes your canvas space. 2. Creation gallery - a highly discoverable, simple way of finding and using objects and features in the application. • Interactive content features: 3. 40+ customizable templates – get started quickly and collaborate, brainstorm, and ideate with brand new templates. 4. Shapes & Lines - Choose from an expansive library of shapes & lines to visually collaborate & ideate with your team members 5. Reactions - provide lightweight, contextual feedback with a set of fun reactions. • Inking features: 6. Apple Scribble – Ink on text boxes & sticky notes and see your ink strokes magically convert to text (on iPads with Apple pencil) 7. Ink arrows – smoothly draw single and double-sided arrows using ink to better facilitate diagramming.



  • Awful palm rejection

    Door Shubhamryan
    When using with Apple Pencil the palm rejection is awful. Rejection works well if your not moving your palm around. However, every time you shift your palm, for instance to change line, the cavas jumps to the location of palm touch
  • Bad drawing experience since version 21.11

    Door swytng
    I use app all the time in team meetings on an iPad Pro combined with Apple Pencil 2, but now it's totally unusable. This is due to an weird jump to a totally different place on the whiteboard (usually bottom right outside visible area of my screen) whenever I move my hand while drawing. Because of this, using this app is not an option anymore.
  • Bad experience 21.11

    Door tom1003
    The drawing experience on ipad with 1st gen apple pencil used to be really great. App could crash unexpectedly, but the drawing experience made up for it. Since release 21.11 the drawing experience is horrible. There is a lag before your ink commits to the canvas and the worst change is that the palm recognition is not working anymore, causing your canvas to jump suddenly. Hope best of both versions can be combined soon
  • Kan geen afbeeldingen toevoegen

    Door Hans1296
    Sinds de nieuwe update is het op de iPad onmogelijk om afbeeldingen toe te voegen. Er is simpelweg geen afbeeldingen/images knop. Dit terwijl dat bij de Windows versie wel het geval is. Zo SLECHT DIT!!
  • Werkt niet

    Door xsalamander1234
    Na start op iPAd komt het niet meestal niet voorbij het privacy meldingen scherm. Heeft ooit eens goed gewerkt. Daarna nooit weer.
  • inloggen werkt niet!!!!!!!!!!

    Door swimming is fun.
    ik kan niet inloggen op een met een school account.
  • Goed concept, slechte uitwerking

    Door gijsmans
    Idee is goed maar delen werkt niet. Dat is in Corona tijd de enige reden het te gebruiken. Gemiste kans.
  • Constant crashing

    Door MrJuicey19
    Crashes or hangs every 5 minutes or do when working inside of a whiteboard on iPad Pro 2018 12.9”. Also very spontaneously zooms out and has massive issues zooming back in because of poor performance/low FPS. My university regularly uses this app, because of the easy integration with Microsoft Teams, but it is barely usable on my iPad. Remote controlling my PC with my iPad is a better option, due to the sheer lack of performance and regular crashing of the app.
  • Palm rejection issues

    Door r8366
    - Palm rejection not working - Large energy use (hot iPad, battery drain) - Shows wrong names and ‘photo bubbles’ when using shared whiteboards via Teams - Weird hangs and random crashes - Missing pencil ‘tap button’ support for switching between pen and eraser - Copy to OneNote does not show any notebook - Cannot copy notes to/from OneNote (only as snapshot images, not as pencil strokes/separate objects) - Cannot crop imported images - Largest highlighter still to small when writing using ‘default’ pencil thickness at 100% zoom - Work account login issues (fixed by opening via Teams) App has so much potential, but has some serious issues
  • Cannot login with work or school account

    Door Marc Marc Marc
    Tried using it but couldn’t even get in so wasn’t able to experience the buggy behaviour reported by many others. Great concept, not ready for prime time.