Call Me Emperor-AlternateWorld

Call Me Emperor-AlternateWorld

Door Clicktouch Co.,Ltd.

  • Categorie: Games
  • Datum: 2019-04-02
  • Huidige Versie: 3.3.3
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Grootte: 921.02 MB
  • Ontwikkelaar: Clicktouch Co.,Ltd.
  • Compatibiliteit: Vereist iOS 9.0 of later.
Score: 2.5
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Come and create your own empire! You are an emperor/empress at the start of the game! It’s time to experience the different life of a monarch and stand out across the servers! [Game Features] [New Gorgeous Palace] A complete upgrade of magnificent palaces, an absolute visual feast; [Heroic Women Debut] A stunning debut of new heroines, the building blocks of your empire; [Share Family Time] Romance and marry different beauties, have, raise, and train your babies; [Recruit Great Talents] Recruit and train your ministers to be excellent to strengthen your empire; [Allied Nation PK] Ally with other players across the servers and compete to be the leader; [New Skin Upgrade] New gorgeous clothes prepared for your monarch, consorts, and ministers. If you like “Call Me Emperor”, please contact us in the following ways. We are looking forward to your valuable advice and suggestions. ————Contact Us———— Email: [email protected] Join the Call Me Emperor community and learn more about the game:  Facebook Page: Facebook Group: Twitter: Discord:



  • Packs Prices are misleading

    Door S. K. van D.
    The packs in game you can buy fir example are 0,99$ or 4,99$ but in Euros you expect them to be cheaper since the Euro is worth more, however you pay respectively €1,09 and €5,45!!! They should show the actual prices of things you buy and not cheating with numbers. It is one of the many ways the game works VERY hard to get your money, more than they actually look to improve game experience. They try though, it is just not working.
  • Kinda boring

    Door blokstar fan
    Its boring, i have not seen any ads yet but i have only just started playing. Im deleting the game soon cause like i said, its really boring Have a good day
  • Trash

    Door Inferno NL
    This game is nothing like the ads , not even 1%, the ads were fun and the actual game is the exact opposite. I saw a review from someone telling how they got scammed from their €33, the developer reacted by saying they can’t give the money back. If you called this game trash all trash cans would cry loudly , the game is pathetic. Seriously, don’t even consider downloading it.
  • Not like ads

    Door noaaa!!!
    I got interested watching ads of this game and downloaded it, but it is not like the ads at all. Still gave 3 stars because I really like how you react to all the bad reviews.
  • Bullying abounds in this game, devs don’t care

    Door Kunoitchi
    There is nothing that can be done about the awful bullying that runs rampant in CME. You basically pay for a product and get bullied, without the ones that make money off you doing anything to ensure you get your money’s worth. Worst customer service EVER.
  • Annoying adds

    Door Sea Horver
    After seeing 500 adds from this game I was interested. Honestly, this game is not for me. ~Bye
  • Very discriminatory game and staffs

    Door MegaHippo
    Not deserve even half of a star. The service staff indicated a very discriminatory treatment to those who not put money in the game (which they called VIP0). They even wrote that the role-name has word like “weak” is unfriendly (this is not even a sensor bad swearing words). And expect you to understand it.
  • Only about money, really pay to win game

    Door rane007
    I love the idea about this game but you really need to spend (a lot) money on this game. Otherwise you are nothing. Pls dont waste your time on this game if you dont have a lot of money. If you dont believe me. Come check on server 43 . See Rank 1 , unbelievable high than the rest. He can solo the game without alliance. I know you want to make money. But after 2 weeks since this server started , i am about to stop. Unlike Lineage 2R which i ve been playing for more than 2 years . Or Black desert which just started in Dec 2019......... no money, no place for you in this game!!!
  • Don’t spend money on this game.

    Door Vessel of Zhu Que
    I’ve been playing this game for about a month and it’s genuinely lots of fun. The problem is i tried to buy an intimacy pack (limited pack you can only buy once, costs 33 euros) and the first time my order didn’t go through. The second time i tried it worked, so i got my overpriced pack and i was happy. The thing is when i checked yesterday the money for 2 intimacy packs was taken from my account. When i asked for help from the helpdesk i just got back that they don’t do refunds, but they would give me get a different (even less worth it) pack. I like this game and i will keep playing it, but this is the last time i will ever spend money on it.
  • >:(

    Door Tech1997
    Can’t be gay, flop