• Categorie: Games
  • Datum: 2011-08-04
  • Huidige Versie: 2.1.0
  • Adult Rating: 9+
  • Grootte: 675.31 MB
  • Ontwikkelaar: SQUARE ENIX
  • Compatibiliteit: Vereist iOS 8.0 of later.
Score: 4.5
Van 31 Stemmen


[Updates from Version 2.0.0] - iCloud Save Data Compatibility iCloud save data from ver. 1.2.0 and older versions is incompatible with ver. 2.0.0 and later versions. Please save the game using the in-game save feature before updating to ver. 2.0.0 or later versions. Please note that iCloud save data from ver. 2.0.0 onward will be compatible with ver. 2.1.0 and later updates. - Quick Save Warning Due to changes to OS features, Quick Save cannot be performed in battles. We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience and understanding. [Other Important Notifications] - Quick Save (auto-save) data is erased when the game is updated. Please use the in-game save feature before updating to the latest version. - The app requires a fair amount of memory and may not load while other apps are running. If the app does not load, please close all other apps and try again. ===== [Version 1.2.0] ■Refined Graphics All of the game's unit graphics have been redrawn in high-resolution. Don't miss this chance to play the sharpest, most beautiful FINAL FANTASY TACTICS yet! ■Improved Draw Speeds The graphic drawing processes have been optimized for mobile devices. Say goodbye to choppy motion and crash bugs, and play with the quickest, smoothest abilities effects and animations to date! ■iCloud Support A save slot which allows game data to be saved to iCloud has been added. It is now possible to migrate game data across multiple devices. --- Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions has arrived for iPhone/iPod touch! Released as the Final Fantasy series' first tactical RPG in 1997, Final Fantasy Tactics on Playstation went on to sell over 2.4 million copies worldwide. The game grew in popularity upon its re-release in 2007 as Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions for the PSP with added features such as new movies, scenarios and Jobs. Now, in 2011 the game has finally arrived for the iPhone/iPod touch! You can enjoy the game whose story gave life to the world of Ivalice, and whose high strategy battles bring tactical games to a whole new level. ■Game features - Intuitive Touch Screen Controls The complex tactical game can be effortlessly and intuitively controlled by simply tapping units and menus. Gone is the old method of switching fixed map views - you can now rotate, move and change the size of maps as you please by sliding and pinching. - Improved Loading Times Loading times have been improved to get you into the action quicker than ever. What's more, you can even skip certain cut scenes.



  • Wow

    Door Riofro
    The best game in this world
  • Breaks every time

    Door Therionate
    Never ended a game normal, software is working however it breaks ending up at the Springboard every time!! iOS 7.0.4 on a new iPhone 5S
  • Unstable good game

    Door Maccofiel
    Great game it definatly is. If you like rpg and turnbased games u gonna like this one! Only bad thing is the game is very unstable :( every 10 minutes the game shuts itself. Although there is a auto save, a second crash when starting the game after the first crash will leave you back to ure manual save........ If the game runs stable and will support iPhone 5 I will definatly give this game 5 stars. The main problem is the instability unfortunatly that kills the gameplay really bad
  • Great game

    Door Sjait
    I am a huge fan of the series and this game is my favorite one. I played this game since it was first released and having it on my Phone reminds me why i love this game so much. Great story, deep gameplay and Tons of playing time. The only thing is that the controls are a little quirky but that goes for every RPG i've played on this platform so far. Easily worth the money.
  • Leuk!

    Door tknoppert
    Heel leuk spel! De controles zijn wel wennen maar het werkt allemaal heel goed! Je hoeft geen kleine dingentjes aan te tikken maar je kunt gewoon ergens op het scherm slepen om door de opties heen te scrollen. De tekst is redelijk klein, maar het is allemaal goed leesbaar! De prijs is wel hoog, maar ik ga er waarschijnlijk heel wat uurtjes instoppen! Als je van Final Fantasy (tactics) houd, is er geen reden om dit niet te kopen!
  • Fantastic game, sloppy port

    Door JamesAlexanderJack
    One of the best games ever made, period. The glorious gameplay is all here, and the game has aged amazingly well. Square-Enix has been quite lazy in porting it to the iPhone however... - Instead of recreating the game from the ground up it's basically an emulation of the PSOne original. Instead of making the interface new for iPhone it's just the PSOne interface with some touch controls added; can get very messy, especially when trying to select a tile or unit. - The text is tiny, making it very hard to read on an iPhone screen. - The game will run but is basically unplayable on the 3GS - too slow. - The latest patch was supposed to stop the game from crashing on the 4S. All it did was decrease the amount of crashes. It's still quite unstable. - Manual saves are often more up-to-date than automatic ones. An iPad version was promised for Autumn 2011 but so far has failed to materialize. We can only hope more care and effort is put into that version. The way things are right now I can only recommend this game to fans of die hard fans of turn-based strategy with a lot of patience who are willing to overlook the game's quirks and issues. Underneath all of these there lies a beautiful gem of a game.
  • Toppertje

    Door FF maniac
    Werkt smooth op de iphone4 en een must have voor de FF-fans!! Een welverdiende 5/5!!
  • Error

    Door Cloudworld
    It hangs on my phone, says loading?! But it's installed with iTunes, also cannot be removed....
  • Text way too small

    Door Mikkelnl
    Uhm, this game is hardly playable because of the rediculous small en blurry, unsharp text! Extremely disappointing!

    Door WatKrijgenWeNou
    This is one of my favorite games on the Playstation 1. It has a great story, hours and hours of gameplay (100+), and tons of ways to customize your characters with jobs, skills and weapons. For people that love Final Fantasy this should be an instant buy. However be aware that this game is much more difficult and complex than the other Final Fantasy games. There's no walking around in villages etc. Mostly you will be customizing your characters and fighting battles to level up. After each battle you get a nice cutscene. The amazing story told through these cutscenes will get you addicted to the game in no time. I think this iPhone version is great. It's basically the same game on a smaller screen but the text has been enlarged. Also I feel the gamespeed during battles is much faster than in the Playstation 1 version, which is very nice. I have NOT had any problems with slowdowns during gameplay like some of the other reviewers (i have an iPhone 4). It took me I moment to get used to the new touch controls though. Fortunately, pretty early in the game you can improve the touch controls in an option menu (after the first two or three battles). In that menu you can also turn off the annoying messages that appear during the first battles like "are you sure you want to perform this action?". Once you have done that the game becomes even more fun to play. If you own an iPad you might wanna wait for that version of the game (coming soon), because I find the IPhone 4 retina display a little bit too small. Sometimes the letters are hard to read and when you select an enemy by tapping the screen it happens quite often that you accidently select the person next to it. If your new to the game I definitely recommend reading the tutorial on customizing your characters. It is available from the title screen. For example, most beginners don't know that you can give all of your characters 2 jobs instead of 1 right from the beginning. This means you can give all your characters the ability to carry potions and is very useful. Conclusion: Despite a few slight control criticisms this is still a masterpiece and the best RPG that is available on iOS. If you like FF games you should definitely buy this game.