Couchsurfing Travel App

Couchsurfing Travel App

Door CouchSurfing International Inc.

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  • Datum: 2012-06-06
  • Huidige Versie: 5.40
  • Adult Rating: 17+
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  • Ontwikkelaar: CouchSurfing International Inc.
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You have friends around the world, you just haven’t met them yet. Couchsurfing is the best way to stay with amazing locals, make lifelong travel friends, or host travelers coming to your hometown. Over 12 million travel enthusiasts use Couchsurfing in more than 230,000 cities around the world. Use the Couchsurfing app to plan and manage your trip itinerary. Find hosts in your next destination • Browse the millions of local hosts offering a place to stay in thousands of cities and towns • Stay with and meet locals and have an authentic travel experience • Explore accommodations options near where you are right now, or near your future destination Make New Friends • Discover thousands of fun events planned by other Couchsurfers in your hometown or in your next travel destination • Use Couchsurfing Hangouts to show you who’s nearby your current location and available to meet up right now Meet Travellers Without Traveling • Host or meet up with incoming travellers coming to your city • Can’t travel right now? Let new cultures and friends come to you And More • Easily create and manage a Couchsurfing profile • Manage your incoming or outgoing requests, messages, and more • Add pictures to document your travel adventures • See which of your Facebook friends also have a Couchsurfing account



  • Host people for free and still they expect you to pay money.

    Door rjv1704
    Host people for free, no action if someone steals from your home, profile and references deleted if you do not pay them. Very disappointing policies. Host people for free and still CS expects you to pay monthly for the subscription. Good app for freeloaders and gold diggers, but bad for sincere hosts.
  • .

    Door Mistercurley
    Love the app, easy to use, everything seems working. Only thing that could need some work is hangouts.

    Door iandre.j
    I just payed I confirmed that I used the app a couple of hours without problem but now I can’t use it anymore!! is asking me for the payment AGAIN
  • Rip Couchsurfing

    Door Aleksej8972
    Deleted my account, not gonna pay just to host people. And the extensions never worked
  • I hope it will be free again so more people will join

    Door lilyfard
    Since in some countries including Iran, people can not pay online (they don’t have access to any banking/ e pay….or any other payment system) I know many people who lost their access 😢
  • Bad feeling

    Door Jenny Antonipillai
    I am so sorry, how I feel cheated now. It is an unclear construction and you know people are paying it by mistake. If it was an app you didn't want to scam you guys gave something of a reflection period but you get sent a receipt and that's it. It is very clever but my heart cries when such things happen. I hope you guys show that I am wrong and you are a good organisation. (I pay in total 130 aud)
  • Scam Tricks

    Door sTiiWaZz
    Been happily using the platform for years and paid my part for using the platform. Lately logged in after a while being inactive, couch surfing suggested I fill out my credit card info to get the “official checkmark” to look more trustworthy. Only to find out later I paid €59,99 without ever consenting to such amounts for any withdrawal! There was no way to claim a refund or a send a complaint. I don’t want a checkmark for 60 euros as I’m already paying standard fees. This damaged my trust in the platform I once used to absolute love so much :(
  • Not free anymore

    Door arsenal20201
    Sinds corona crisis, the app became paid and not free, i was actief for 3 years there and I accept always people for free and i used it only once outside the Netherlands. When it become paid, I deleted it . I will not pay money to host people for free.
  • No one is active anymore

    Door yaradj
    I an currently on a 3 month interrail trip trough europe and thought couchsurfing would be perfect for it. Well it is not. Every user has been active about one or more years ago, no one is accepting guests and 95% of the hosts a male. Mostly old man (45+) that kinda look like creeps if I’m beeing honest.
  • People on the app are cringe

    Door zhugsho123
    I’m sorry to say this. I love the hangouts spot. Nonetheless couchsurfing was made for something else. When it comes to hosts either women are looking to host females mostly (understandable since some men want to have sex when travelling) and men are looking to host females mostly (weird dudes). Something is just not working. I have send some messages to users to host me to the place I want to go and travel, but I ended up disappointed with the app. I have even reviews from the past of people back 2018 because I used it a few times and was easier. But now? The app has become something else. I hope something can be changed.