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WeChat, the free messaging & calling app available across all smartphones, is now available for your desktop.



  • Unable to select next rows of chinese characters

    Door marievivian
    Typing in english is no problem, only when typing chinese. Now it’s lucky if the chinese characters or phrase you typed just displayed on the first row; if the characters/phrases are in the following rows >> means need to click down arrow to turn to next page/rows, everything immediately freezed into pinyin. Quite often I need to type in another app then copy and paste the words I want to type in wechat. Tried restart the computer, tried to uninstall and reinstall wechat. Neither helped. Please fix it. Thanks.
  • impossible to open we chat on imac

    Door r blommestein
    Every time you open we chat you get a QR screen wich leeds to nowhere. Useless on the Mac
  • Requires phone - every single time?!

    Door kunststube.net
    This app requires the phone to login, every single time it is launched‽ That’s plain ridiculous. I can only hope that’s a bug. It negates the biggest advantage this app would have: that I DON’T want to get my phone out of my pocket every time I want to fire off a quick message. As it is it almost literally just allows you to use your large keyboard as a remote control for your phone’s WeChat, nothing more.
  • Great!

    Door Bryan-Li
    Very simple app, but it provides what I need - seamless integration between Mac and smartphone so the chats stay synced. Not a lot of functionality at the moment, but duplicates iMessage’s main functions with everyone on WeChat - which is far more people of course. Setup is very easy - scan the QR code, add a filesharing ‘person’ to share files between the devices, your chats sync and you’re good to go!
  • Works fine

    Door James Syed
    WeChat for Mac is a great add-on to the mobile experience. It lacks some features, but if you only plan to message it has everything you’ll need. Great not always having to have your phone. I use a Blackberry z10, and it’s a great phone.